Because of Love

 A song for Paige, from a poem, by Papa.

Music and keyboards by John Edelmann
Words by Jack MacCatcheon
Vocals and Guitar by Nick Cardilino

Recorded May 28th, 2003 by John Edelmann and Nick Cardilino  


In April, 2003, Anita MacCutcheon of Lebanon, Ohio, shared with me a poem her late husband, Jack, had written for their Granddaughter, Paige.  Untitled, the poem goes thus:

The moment I looked at your face, that cold november night,
You reached out to my heart and held it tight,
You brought joy and happiness into our life,
And changed the dark into light.

We have been many places, trips with Bambi and that was neat,
Out with Dumbo and along Seseme Street.
We swam with the Little Mermaid, and saw Captain Hook,
We watched Big Bird, and Jungle Book.

I love you more than baseball and TV sports,
I love you more than candy and Maine seaports.
I love you more than sunsets, Spring and Fall,
Because of Love, I love you best of all.

In three short years you have learnded so much you see,
I teach you something everyday, and you teach me.
And in years ahead when you grow strong and bold,
And when Papa gets tired and Papa gets old,

When I no longer can hold you, and listen to your tales,
Give advice and tip the scales,
When I cannot tell you to take the proper trails,
When the road is unmarked and everything fails,

Because of love, you can walk the road alone,
Straight, strong and proud,
Because of Love.

And so, I began at once, and within a week, I have the melody, chords, and notes all printed up in Finale, my music software package.

It was then recorded on the afternoon of May 28th, 2003, with Nick singing vocals and adding guitar, and myself doing the keyboard track.  Nick insisted we rewrite the melody line in a few places to make it a little less cumbersome to sing (this was, after all, only my second independent attempt at writing a song from a poem, much less actual lyrics).

Here, then, is the recording ...

Because of Love


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