The Photo Album

 ... being a compendium of pet, house, and other such photos.  Recent family photos are not present owing to security concerns ... our apologies.  Additional pet photos can be found on the Pet  News page.

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Kimberly - Adopted June 1999 through the Cincinnati St. Bernard Rescue - 170 lb. of not too much slobber but lots of  affection.


Rosco - Born circa 1983 - Died August 8, 1997

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John and Ute with Sassy (Saint-Saens) and Sebastian
Sassy and Sebastian
Sassy, Sebastian, and Sammy

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Sebastian, Kimberly, Mozart - June, 2000

One of the last Edelmann family photos with our father, Paul Fred Edelmann -  July 4, 1995

Aerial View of Home - From Hot Air Balloon - Sept., 1994

The Early Years - Tom and John (being a photo of my older brother Tom and myself)

Another View of the Home - July 28, 1997

Aerial_house_2005.jpg (80953 bytes)

The latest view from a balloon trip on November 14, 2004

The field to the right of the fence is also part of the property at this point. This is some 10 years after the aerial view shown above.

2005Balloon1.jpg (168118 bytes)   2005Balloon2.jpg (186398 bytes)

Here are another few views of the house with a bit more of the front yard.  These were also taken during the balloon flight of November 14, 2004.