Genealogy - Sources and Summary Information


These Genealogical resources consist of primarly two components: 1) An HTML-based GEDCOM database, and 2) a Family History narrative, detailing the 5 notable branches of the the Edelmann Family.

Though many variants of this name can be found, EDELMANN is a relatively authentic version of the name. Click here for another site that investigates this topic further. This authenticity was maintained, we believe, because there was little political reason for it to be changed, when the immigrating ancestor (Bruno Edelmann) entered the United States, in 1889. In brief, this site discusses five main family lines, namely,

Most of these lines have descendants which carry on the family name, and many have relocated to various cities and states in the U.S. Pertinent migration information is contained in the narrative.

Two significant contributions have been made to this work.  Be sure to investigate the Appendix in the History pages.

In time, the GEDCOM surname list will be augmented to include a clickable world map to locate the various family lines associated therein.

As is mentioned in the narrative, the GEDCOM database is fully implemented as part of the history, therefore, individual pedigree charts are not included in the text.

The majority of the associated data was obtained from personal family knowledge, though such information is largely substantiated by church and local/state government records. As time permits, some of the more notable records, photographs, and other germane data will be added to the history.

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