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This entire work is dedicated to the memory of Paul Fred Edelmann, who died October 9, 1995. Dad’s untiring search for genealogical information which began in the mid-1970’s resulted in an oftentimes astonishing collection of photographs, personal interviews, and other historical artifacts. Dad was primarily responsible, however, for instilling the motivation and sense of urgency needed to pursue the considerable amount of information ultimately collected in this history.

It was fitting indeed that what was to become one of his final and most memorable trips was to the land of his forefathers in 1994. In that year, one of Bavaria’s distant sons returned home.

In his passing, however, Dad truly returned home to the land of his forefathers, and in so doing, has brought his journey to an end.

Table of Contents



The Edelmanns of Stangenroth

Bruno Edelmann the Emigrant

Bruno in Circleville, Ohio

Bruno the Catholic

The Kent Family

Paul Frederick Edelmann


The Helfenbeins in Germany

Peter’s Descendants in America


The Holobaughs of Pennsylvania

Francis and James in the Great War of the Rebellion

James and Emily Holobaugh

James and Hattie Holobaugh

The Holobaugh Reunion

Alma Holobaugh


Seidels and the US Census Records

The Seidels of the Grand Duchy of Baden

Heinrich and Benedikt Seidel

Sister Clementine

John William Seidell

Helen Seidell

Charles Edward Seidell

William Joseph Seidell


The Hofackers of Germany

Karl and Maria Hofacker

Bräunlingen, Germany

Karl and Anna Hofacker

Joseph Hofacker, the Emigrant



Bad Kissingen






New! Appendix - Individual Family Histories





The search for the ancestors of the Edelmann family began in 1975, during which time John Edelmann, author of the present compilation, began fulfilling the requirements for the Genealogy Merit Badge, with the Boy Scouts of America. While the search continues, early successes provided much of the motivation needed to remain committed to the effort. The many contributors to this work will be mentioned in the text, as the information obtained from them is presented.

The Edelmann Edition focuses on the following primary family lines (listed with the earliest known ancestors):

Edelmann, Michael Edelmann born in Stangenroth, Germany, 1745, wife Anna Marie Schlereth

Helfenbein, Johann Adam Helfenbein born in Osthofen, Germany, 1785, wife Anna Elisabeth Orlemann.

Holobaugh, Samuel Holobaugh born in Armstrong Co., PA, 1819, wife Sarah Jane Bice.

Seidel / Seidell, Benedikt Seidel born in Oberschopfheim, Germany, 1770, wife Maria Anna Mußler.

Hofacker, Joan Michael Hofacker born in Hüfingen, Germany, 1624, wife Anna Friedler.

Many of the descendants of these individuals are included in this work since extended families of the descendants were recorded whenever possible. Complete descendant listings can be found in the Appendix A, as noted in the text.

A special note regarding the Seidell family name is in order. John William Seidel changed his name to Seidell sometime early in the 1900’s. As result, his descendants have taken this modified name. In this document however, references to the general family name itself will appear as Seidel, unless John or his descendants are the subject at hand.

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